Senate Bill 10 (2007)
Special Education
Pursuant to passage of Senate Bill 10 during the 2007 Georgia General Assembly, this correspondence serves as notification that you may request that your Special Education student receive educational services at a setting other than the current school, but ONLY IF there is sufficient enrollment space and parents are able to provide transportation.
Please refer to the following alternatives, as provided by the aforementioned statutory provisions, along with the appropriate School District contact person, should you choose to seek an alternative enrollment:
(1) ANOTHER PUBLIC SCHOOL WITHIN THE GILMER COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT.  The School District contact assigned to review such requests is Ms. Kim Cagle, Director of Special Education (
(2) ANOTHER PUBLIC SCHOOL OUTSIDE THE GILMER COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT .  There is no local School District contact; parents would need to contact a representative from the desired School District.
(3) ONE OF THE STATE'S SCHOOLS FOR THE DEAF AND BLIND .  There is no local School District contact; parents would need to contact the State Department of Education for more information about transferring to a State School.
(4) A PARTICIPATING PRIVATE SCHOOL .  There is no local School District contact; parents would need to declare interest in, and establish eligibility for, a Georgia Special Needs Scholarship through the State Department of Education.  Parents may access additional information and file an electronic "Interest to Participate" by visiting the State's on-line site at
Prior to submitting a request relative to one of these alternative settings, you may wish to review the recently approved legislation in this regard.  It is currently posted online at the Georgia General Assembly's Web site ( as Senate Bill 10 (2007).  You should also be aware that the State Board of Education will be responsible to develop and publish policies and protocols regarding implementation of these provisions.