Reading Program - "I Love to Read"

A love of reading is vital to broadening your horizons and allows you the freedom to travel to any place in the world or beyond. The goal for this year's reading program is for those that love to read to continue reading to their hearts content, and for those that don't like to read, learn to love it, even if it means finding just one book they love.

For this program, each child from Kindergarten to 4th grade is encouraged to read something they like. It can be books, magazines, newspapers, comic strips, video game guide books, the back of cereal boxes :) as long as the child enjoys it.

All students in K-4th grades are allowed to have someone read to them, read with them, or read by themselves. But students in 2nd-4th grades are encouraged to read independently. After reading for 15 minutes, each student can color a worm on their "Worm Cards" as we call them. After reading for 2 hours, coloring all 8 worms, then an adult must sign the card, whether it is the teacher or parent/guardian, then the child will return it to the media center for a reading charm.

Each grade level has a certain number of worm card goals for the year. Students can earn a charm for each worm card completed, along with bookmarks, a bracelet, a certificate, a chance to go to the bounce house and reptile show at the end of the year.

All students received a worm card at the beginning of the year. Once that card is completed & returned they will get their next one. If your child has lost their card, please have them get a new one from the media specialist.